How to solve "Invalid GUID" error.

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How to solve "Invalid GUID" error.

Postby Straw » Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:22 pm


Before the forum backup, I did a topic about the GUID problem.

Punkbuster has stopped supporting Wolfenstein ET, Quake wars and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

It means that the game doesn't generate ETkey anymore!

The ETkey is the most important thing in the game, it's your "game identity". Without it, you can't play.

To see your game identity, you have to do /cl_guid in console. If it's 00000000000000000000, it means your punkbuster is disable. You have to enable it to have any admin level or to save your XP.

If an error with "Invalid GUID" appears when your punkbuster is enable, it's because you don't have an ETkey.

To be sure, take a look in your ETmain folder (C:\Program files\Wolfenstein - enemy territory\ETmain).

If you don't have any ETkey, you have to generate one.

To do so, you have to visit this site.

When your ETkey is downloaded, put it in your ETmain and you can start playing.

Don't forgot to enable your punkbuster! (/pb_cl_enable in console or in the server list, click enable punkbuster and then "yes" )

I hope it will help you to solve your problems! ;)

Thanks, Straw.
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