All what you need to know playing Wolfenstein ET

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All what you need to know playing Wolfenstein ET

Postby lycsI » Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:47 pm

Hi New Members or Old Members and beginers of ET . Today I was tooo bored and I started doing this and I will show you all, ALL what I know from ET

About Enemy Territory

· How to open the Console?

Press your ˜ (tilde) key to bring down the console. (Normally the key above the TAB and below the ESC). Every command should be entered in the console to make it work.
Too bring down the console in full screen press ALT + ˜ (tilde) and use the scroll wheel of your mouse to navigate up or down inside the console.

· How to add Colours to my NickName?

Nickname Generator

See the Making Binds section (at the bottom of this post) for more information about Name Binds.

· How to save my ETKey?

The levelsystem at the PS Servers is based on the so called ET Key. If you uninstall ET from your pc your current ETKey will also be deleted. So if you want to reinstall ET or want to run ET at another pc without losing your levels you need to have a backup of your ETKey file.

Your ETKey is located in the "/etmain" folder; "etkey" The filesize is roughly between; 50 – 100 bytes and has not extension.

Copy the file – store it at a save location – place it back in the "etmain" directory (at another pc or a freshly installed ET.)

· How to run ET in windowed mode?

Just press ALT + Enter and ET will switch to windowed mode.

· How to talk in private with (an)other player(s)?

First bring down your console, after that type /m player name message and press enter. You don′t need to type the whole name, that way its possible to send it to a certain group with the same clan tag for instance.

· How to make a Demo?

Easiest method is to spec/follow the player you want to make a demo from and press F12. You could also use the /record command to start recording a demo.
To stop recording a demo simply enter the /stoprecord command.

· Where are my Demos located?

That depends on the Mod you were running on the moment you recorded the demo. Every Mod has its own ‘demos’ folder with *.dm_84 demo files in them. The easiest way to view them is to open ET – click the ‘Mods’ option – and load the Mod you used when recording the demo – now click the ‘Replays’ option and select the replay you want to view.

Enemy Territory Problems

· How to fix Hunk_AllocateTempMemory errors?

For instance; Hunk_AllocateTempMemory: failed on 3528308

Some (custom) maps need more memory than ET is configured to handle, so ET will close down and gives you this error message.

How to fix it?
Go to the main menu of ET (if you are ingame) or start up ET. Bring down the console and enter /com_hunkmegs 128. Reconnect and the problem should be fixed.

· How to fix OpenGL errors?

Your computer doesn’t have OpenGL compatible drivers (for your graphics card) installed. This normally occurs when the standard windows drivers are used.

How to fix it?
Go to the website of your Graphics Card manufacturer and download the newest drivers for your videocard.
ATI owners - Here
Nvidia owners - Here

This error can also occur if you have a wrong video mode selected for your system (monitor). For instance a too high resolution of 1600x1024 may not work depending on your monitor and/or graphics card.

· Fixing Bug: awaiting challange / gamestate

Normally you get a loading screen where you see: awaiting challenge and after that the awaiting gamestate line, but sometimes you get this message for more than 10 minutes (awaiting gamestate xxx ; awaiting challenge xxx).
It mean that or server is not online or other thing that I can't remember.

A solution that may fix the problem;
Go to the directory; C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc (depending on which drive you installed Windows) In the directory ‘etc’ you will find a file called; ‘hosts’. Open the file and choose wordpad or another text editor to open the file with. Now add a new line and type; Save the file after this.

Now go to the directory; C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/pb (depending on where you installed Enemy Territory) In that folder delete the file; ‘pbns.dat’, and run the program; ‘pbweb.exe’. Wait while PB updates itself (this may take a while) and you are done.

Punkbuster (PB) Problems


PB FAQ - Here

PB servers and some non PB servers, for instance the ETernal Clan servers, need to have PB enabled allowing you to play at those servers. If you get kicked or banned while connecting first try the following methods described in this section.

· How to Enable PB?

2 Methods
1. Start ET – choose ‘Play Online’ – at the bottom right it should say ‘Disable Punkbuster’
2. Start ET – bring down the console – enter /pb_cl_enable

To check if PB is enabled enter /pb_ver , and it should say something like; Punkbuster Client (v.1.274) Enabled

· How to manually update PB?

Go to the folder where your ET install is located, (normally something like; C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory). Open the folder called ‘pb’ and run the ‘pbweb.exe’ file. It will connect to the PB server and update your current PB, be patient cause it could take a while.

You could also update Punkbuster with the PBSetup program when you still receive outdated pb version error messages after you used pbweb.exe to update your punkbuster version.

· How to fix PB INIT FAILURE Kicks?

This usually happens when you are running ET with an outdated version of PB. If updating PB doesn’t fix the problem it could be your broadband router interfering with the PB OOB packet stream.

The general method to fix this problem is to update the drivers of your broadband router/modem. Consult your router manual or manufacturer for a link to the newest drivers (can usually be found at the homepage of the manufacturer).

· NOTHING WORKS - I can’t enable PB or PB causes Freezes!

I can’t enable PB
After you (re)-installed Enemy Territory and the two patches; 2.60 & 2.60b there is a possibility that you can’t enable PB anymore, resulting in Program Errors for ET.exe.

To fix this problem try the following installation procedure;
· Install ET
· Start the game, make a new profile & enable PB
· Install the patches; 2.60 & 2.60b
· Delete your pb folder and download & run pbsetup.exe
· Download this pbcl.dll file and replace it with the old file in your pb folder

PB causes Freezes
Sometimes people are experiencing problems with PB causing complete pc freezes forcing the user to reboot the entire system. Most of the time this is the result of a "wrong" pb file but sometimes its a complete mystery on what is causing the freezes.

Try the following procedures which could fix the problem

Software & Hardware Check:
· Norton Systemworks; Disable it before starting up ET
· Zone Alarm Firewall: Disable it before starting up ET
· Nvidia GeForce cards: Install the latest forceware drivers
· Some Routers/Modems: Install the latest drivers

Punkbuster settings:
All commands starting with the letters /pb must be entered manually every time you startup ET or enter to a server.
· /pb_lan 1
· /pb_sleep 500
· /pb_sv_pktsendmode 1
· Set the following command (only once) before joining a server: /pb_system 0

· Manually update pb (see the category above)
· Delete your pb folder and download & run pbsetup.exe
· Download this pbcl.dll file and replace it with the old file in your pb folder
· Try the latest PB Client - read the pbsvc FAQ

Tuning Enemy Territory

· How to make your own custom config?

A tweaked (custom) config can really give you advantages while playing, of course its possible to tweak your config within ET itself but its also possible to create your config with a simple text editor like Notepad.

Build your own config with: OutCast**NL's Script & Bind Creator (Gooogle it)

Or click here and ask to Straw for a cfg.

· How to boost your connection?

As with every multiplayer game, a good and smooth gameplay all depends on your Ping. If you experience a high Ping or Lags first try to close down as much other programs as possible (such as; p2p download programs, msn, antivirus software etc.) to ensure that the problem isn’t in one of those programs.

If that doesn’t work there are a few commands you can configure within ET to help you tweak your connection and streamline your Ping.

/cl_maxpackets X
The bigger X is, the more information your computer sends to the server, so basically your actions will be more accurate and gives you a smoother playing experience. 30 is standard but you will see that most ‘pro-players’ use 100 maxpackets.

Recommended: /cl_maxpackets 100
TIP: Use /cl_maxpackets 76 in combination with /com_maxfps 76 for smoother results in some occasions.

/snaps X
Determines how many times per second the server sends your pc updates (snapshots) of the game state.

"The server can only generate a snap each server frame, since a snap is defined by the state generated in the server frame. So for the server to send you more than sv_fps (standard set to 20) snaps wouldn't make any sense. Now, the ET code has been known to do things that don't make sense, but if it did something dumb like sending you 2 identical snaps per frame, it should show up in network traffic and likely weirdness on your client. By observation, it doesn't." -reyalP (ETPro)

Recommended: /snaps 20

/rate X
The standard rate of 5000 dates back to the old days when the Quake3 engine (id Tech 3) was first released back in 1999. 56k modems were still in use by most gamers and *DSL lines were a luxury only a few could affort. These days most people have a proper *DSL, Cable or fiber optic connection and should therefore use the maximum value, capped by the Q3 engine code itself, of 25000.

Recommended: /rate 25000

/cl_timenudge X
This command is misunderstood by a lot of people and does not physically lower your ping at all. Very basically; a positive value increases client side prediction while a negative value decreases it (you should only use values between -50 and 0). These days most ET Mods (No Quarter, ETPub, ETPro) run with antilag code that makes the use of timenudge useless and/or counterproductive.

Recommended: /cl_timenudge 0

· ET Tuning Tips & Tricks

/com_maxfps X
Because of a bug in the QuakeIII engine its possible to lock your FPS at a certain number.
Example: /com_maxfps 43 - /com_maxfps 76 - /com_maxfps 125 - /com_maxfps 333

/r_fastsky X
Toggle between a detailed or blank sky, if you are not really into the graphics you can set this to 1. It will give you a little FPS boost but it isn’t much.
Example: /r_fastsky 1

/r_detailtextures X
When detail textures are enabled (X=1), it means that basically every object is textured twice to make it look more detailed. Obviously this will need extra power from your videocard. If you want to get a nice FPS boost disable it.
Example: /r_detailtextures 0

/cg_shadows X
Switches the round shadow beneath your feet on or off, disabling it will probably not show any increase of FPS.
Example: /cg_shadows 0

/r_mapoverbrightbits X
Setting it higher makes the shadow parts of a map lighter, so you can spot enemies hiding in darker areas. Default is 2, allowed from 1 to 3.
Example: /r_mapoverbrightbits 3

/cg_atmosphericeffects X
Switches the rain and snow effects (depends on the map) on or off. Leaving it on will only result in a lower FPS and it will only make it more difficult to see your opponent.
Example: /cg_atmosphereiceffects 0

/cg_wolfparticles X
Switches the explosion and smoke effects from airstrikes/artillery and grenades on or off (This will not affect the covert ops smoke canisters!). The only disadvantage is that, without particles turned on, you might run into airstrikes or artillery more often.
Example: /cg_wolfparticles 0

Tip: create a toggle script to turn it on or off with a specific key (for instance, turn it off if you are sniping) - /bind "X" toggle cg_wolfparticles (replace X for another key)

Making Binds

· How do I make binds?

To make a bind you need to use the /bind X (X stands for a key on your keyboard) command. For instance /bind 0 say Hello Guys

Enter /bindlist to get an overview of all your binds.

Name binds
/bind X set name type your name
example: /bind 9 set name ^8warren^7the^8ape

Text binds
/bind X say type your message
example: /bind F3 say ^2Oow ^7that must ^2Hurt

Voice binds
It is also possible to /bind the ingame audio messages such as “I need ammo” to a certain key + display a personal message while saying it. /bind X "vsay Y" type your message
example: /bind n "vsay Oops" Whoopsie!

Replace Y in “vsay Y” for one of the following commands;

Yes! - Affirmative
No! - Negative
The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
Hi! - Hi
Bye - Bye
Great shot! - GreatShot
Yeah! - Cheer
Thanks a lot! - Thanks
You're welcome - Welcome
Oops! - Oops
Sorry! - Sorry
Hold your fire! - HoldFire
Good game! - GoodGame

For more voice commands visit;

How to make a Selfkill bind?
/bind X kill
example: /bind mouse3 kill (Don’t use a selfkill too often, use them wisely. Don’t use selfkill in battle!)

How to make a Playdead bind?
/bind X playdead
example: /bind p playdead

How to Unbind a Key?
/unbind X (X stands for a specific Key on your Keyboard)
example: /unbind f4

This was all I know .. Sorry for web links but its only for show where you cand found more info; The First link take you to a name generator.
If any admin/member want to add something, ask a higger admin before posting it or ask me plese.
All regats from lycsI :rose:

Dat epic convo :3

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Re: All what you need to know playing Wolfenstein ET

Postby MaTT » Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:01 pm

Very nice, easy to understand and very informative, excellent work!!
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Re: All what you need to know playing Wolfenstein ET

Postby Straw » Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:58 pm

Awesome work Bubbles Jr!!
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Re: All what you need to know playing Wolfenstein ET

Postby lycsI » Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:32 pm

Thx :D Matt, Mr.Bubbles ;D

Dat epic convo :3

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Re: All what you need to know playing Wolfenstein ET

Postby Modje » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:50 pm

Nice post ;)

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