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Re: New #ET|Menu - Download!

Postby PrInCe » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:03 pm

It didn't work for you? I have this one and i can connect to our servers.
And recently Apple have download it, and told me it work.

If you have any problems, feel free to contact me by PM, we will try to find a solution.
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Re: New #ET|Menu - Download!

Postby FuRious » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:39 pm

There the new #ET|ernal Clan| menu updated for Enemy Territory ! :)

To enjoy it,

1- Download this file :

(809.9 KiB) Downloaded 374 times

2 - Follow intructuctions :


  1. Place Folder in:
    Windows XP:
    C:/Program files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain
    Windows 7 & 8
    C:/Program files (x86)/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain
    Wherever you have Wolfenstein ET installed, place it in the etmain folder of you installation, most common install directories are listed above.
  2. Delete any other '.PK3' files that start with '~~~~'

A custom-developed Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory menu that will replace the default menu with this one. This will be added to the #ET|Servers| later on (accept NoDownload). This is probably among the most complicated and advanced menus for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ever made (see features list below), which still maintains the layout of the old menu (i.e. positions of menus). The Menu (if installed correctly) should start with Wolfenstein ET.

Right now it is only designed to work with ETmain (Default Wolfenstein ET) so don't place it in any Jaymod/NoQuarter/etc folders. There will be specially developed menus for the seperate mods coming soon.
If you find any bugs/glitches/problems with the menu, please report in this topic.

  • '#ETernal|Clan' seperate menu to display a full list of #ET|rules|, links to join and visit forum, and extra game options not found in the original 'OPTIONS' menu
  • List of #ET|Servers| with easy one-click connect feature, including a 'RECONNECT' button
  • Re-designed Server lists in 'PLAY ONLINE' - Can connect via IP in top bar, can refresh and stop refresh server lists and user is displayed more info when filtering servers. Website address show at top
  • 'MODS' menu to quickly switch between mods installed on your ET
  • 'TOOLS' menu to operate extra functions with ease
  • Website address at bottom of menu, and Button connected to website in quit pop-up
  • '#ETernal|Clan' seperate menu features a unique graphics choosing feature which contains the options 'High Detail', 'Med Detail', 'Low Detail', and 'Poor Detail'

If you find any bugs/glitches/problems with the menu, please report in this topic.
Enjoy! :cool:
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