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Postby mateusz » Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:13 pm

welcome to write to you today about the bugs on different maps good start:
Siwa Oasis is located 1 here and 1 error bug
bug is located in the tunnel where the first base of allies
tunnel when we go there is such, a small cave, "where it is difficult to enter yourself in 2 easy but one has to lie down at the end,, cave''
and one has to push it;))) and the time somehow make it.

The error is based on the two Americans is on the top of the tents where they jump into the tent where they are at the bottom of the box and jump to the other.

Fuel Dump:
there are 2 bugs 1 is cool even on the basis of the Germans (at the 2) entering the roof of the building (at the top is the turret)
This bug is the need to grab a colleague tower set in August at the tower and jump up on your head mate after which jump into turrets and ready.

2 is where are those stones at the tree you need to have a colleague with you need to put a fellow you must push
the effect is
thanks for reading my post and recommend to the future :lol: :lol:
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