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Postby mateusz » Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:23 pm

Part of today writes about the ET classes there are five: engineer, medic, soldier, sniper, fieldopps
Engineer: Engineer functions:

Engineer, or the Polish engineer, is designed to destroy enemy targets and build your team's points. Its task is to build a Command Post. Weapon that he uses a knife, light weapons, thompson or M1 Garand (K43 axis), grenade, explosives and mines. In almost every mission, his character is needed to win the mission.

Engineer gets 3 points XP for repairing a vehicle or fixed rifle. XP points are given for building or destroying objectives - 5XP the task bar taking up 50% of the power jack repair such as Machine Gun, 7.5 XP task bar taking up 100% of the power, such as repairing a tank or 10XP for destroying the target. Engineers also get 3XP per kill Grenade rifle, 4XP for killing expression or dynamite, and 4XP for defusing enemy mines and 6 XP for defusing enemy Dynamite.
Engineer Awards:

Level 1: Improved use of Explosive Ordnance

The inventory will find four more rifle grenades and hand grenades 4 extra.
Level 2: Improved agility

Experience with explosives can arm and disarm mines and dynamite twice as fast
Level 3: Improved creation and destruction

Veteran engineer skills mean that repair facilities and planting dynamite and minutes it takes about 1/3 less power than normal bar
Level 4: Explosive Vest against.

Only engineering experts who have shown that they can survive on the battlefield receive a vest which absorbs 50% damage from all weapons exploding

Medic is the most important character in the game because without him the game does not have to make sense, because the team would not have been treated and disappeared very quickly. Medic can carry only one weapon. It is the Thompson/MP40 (depending on the team).
Medic can throw kits (20hp) while treating each other as a team and the whole,
may also raise (raise) the rest of the team serum (such syringe).
Medic is more vibrant than any other class, and each time he regenerates his injury in August, HP.

Awards Medic'a

Level 1

Each kit adds about 20% life, and the resurrection of the dead soldier gives him 50% of life.

Level 2

First-aid kits further add the same amount of life but keep taking the power strip

Level 3

After the third lvl belt kits take less energy, but they add a little less life, but there are more and more people can take them yourself. Even after the third lvl medica the resurrection of the dead soldier, renews his whole health bar in August.

Level 4

At this level, we get adernaline through the bar "run" for some time, not decreasing.

Oh, and remember to play medic should focus most on the treatment team, rather than killing everything that moves and still treat yourself.

soldier: Soldier is a class that makes use of heavy weapons (heavy weapons).
Weapons which may use the soldier is:

First Paznerfaust (PF) - in other words, a bazooka, a weapon is not popular on servers because of the public that if you are located in the hands of "noobka" wreaks havoc on the team (CT), and if it is in the hands of a good player is cut out her whole hosts of the enemy (Multikill ). This weapon uses a power strip Soldier

Second Mortar - is nothing but a mortar, one of the most effective weapons in the whole ET, of course, if you know how to use it. This weapon uses a power strip Soldier.

3rd Mobile MG42 (MG) - this is a heavy machine gun that can deploy virtually anywhere. This weapon can wreak havoc in the ranks of the enemy because he has as many as 150 rounds in the magazine and the spacing is very customs and quickly shoots xD. The only cons of this weapon is that they overheat, and when it is not terrible rozłożymy spread. This weapon does not use a power strip Soldier.

4th Flamethrower (Flamer) - in other words, a flame thrower, a very effective weapon in the hands of an experienced player, especially in small spaces. Soldier with you may have only 200 "bullets" to this weapon. The open rather not effective. This weapon does not use a power strip Soldier.

5th MP40 smg-gun that can be used by all classes in ET
(Except Covert ops'a). It has 30 rounds in the magazine, Soldier does not pay to use it.

One of the five hermitages profession in the Territory is the Covert Ops. created a silent kill, destroy targets, action behind enemy lines. It has several unique characteristics and weaponry so that it becomes a great sniper or silent killer in the enemy base.
Covert Ops is designed to spy on enemy team. His ability with the dziecinie are: the possibility of changing to a person of the opposite team, small loads radodetonacyjne (CP smash, towers, small bridges, mg), smoke grenade, silencer muted light weapons (Sten-very effective and customs), suppressed sniper weapons ( KR43, M1S Grand)

Each Covert Ops receives 5XP for killing shot in the head, killing 3XP a shot in another part of the body, 3XP for the detection of any mines and 5XP for disguise, 5XP for killing and 7XP radiodetonacyjnym charge for the destruction of the target.

Awards Covert Opsa

Level 1: Improved use of ammunition for the gun with a telescope

Each package of ammunition from Opsa Field contains one extra magazine for your weapon with a telescope.
Level 2: Improved sabotage and confusion przaciwnika

Experience allows you to use radiodetonacyjnych Charges and smoke grenades often because their use is about 1/3 less power.
Level 3: Control of breathing

Skills in handling sniper reduces recoil and weapon sway while aiming for 50%
Level 4: The Killer

Proficiency with a knife allows you to kill an enemy only one stab in the back

Fieldops: Yes, now you're this guy, the only class that not only calls carpet-bombing and artillery binoculars or flare but you're walking a stand of ammunition. You're off to fight with the basic weapons but the extras that you have up your sleeve makes you an enemy feels a lot more respect.

As the Field Ops class is based on the weapon it is you next to someone who supports something specific, namely the class of soldier. Soldier as it focuses on inflicting the most damage to the enemy uses so much ammunition is well aware of supplying it in her.

Now for the pros and cons of the use of artillery. As the artillery is invoked through the binoculars, not the Air Force which requires that threw flare to them, Artillery is a weapon of longer range. Both types of attack must be used on the outside. Fighting in tight spaces undermines our ability, so it's good to have someone around who knows how to shoot better than us.

In general, the ability to summon a devastating artillery destroys all vehicles and large groups of enemy soldiers Field Ops is most useful in the open air. Both artillery and aviation call require full power bar so it is good to plan a fire. With the increasing ability to be able to give away more ammo or even detect immediately disguised enemy.

As with its advantages seriously mingle in the ranks of the enemy is a frequent target of enemy snipers. Keep that in mind when you stand too long in a certain place. It is good to have if someone sees a threat in time and start to shoot at the enemy. It is the aim of the place where the enemy will be something to build on routes where the tanks or just need to roll to continue.

Signaling Artillery

For every box of ammunition collected 1xP get for each enemy killed 3XP carpet coating, artillery 4XP and 5XP for damage to any of them

thx for read A lot has worked hard over the :)) :))
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