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Information for each Class

Postby mateusz » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:29 pm

Information for each Class

In this section I will show you statistics for each class, as well as information on how to help your team playing the class, stealth tactics, and how to "suck" the experience of the selected class (if you are interested in such things!).

You should choose one class and trained in it, but also try the other. Each gives a new perspective on how the game works and teaches her new ways. For example, being an engineer get to know a place where you can put faces and playing medic you learn how to use their radar.

Weapons panzerfaust, flamethrower, mortar, portable MG42, MP40/Thompson
Skills: killing!
Pros: a lot of kills, spawncamping
Cons: You can only fragować, nothing else

In general, playing a soldier, you are your weapons. You are a killing machine and that is all you need to do. Read the section on weapons for more news ;). The operation of the soldier's defense can contain the area, clean the area to the rest of the division could go either spawncamping to cut meals enemy.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind ... Do not be a soldier of the SMG, and instead use something powerful like Panzerfaust. The only reason why SMG is attached to the soldier's arsenal is that you can steal a gun lying on the ground while renewing your energy to PANZERA or if you do not have ammunition, etc.. Also, if you have 4 levels of heavy weapons, instead of wearing SMG gun.

Collect ammo if you need it :). If you have MG, find Opsa field that will complement your ammo every time you respawn.

At the beginning, when you have a 0 level of heavy weapons and mortars panzers are thin, because your energy bar regenerates very slowly. Get so as soon as possible for more than 20 XP for heavy weapons, using all possible means.

Learn how to be really good at spawncampingu. This is one of the best opportunities soldier. If you play in a clan, you will have an advantage, when none of the soldiers can not spawncampować (you can be damn sure that the enemies will do it!). Try to get some kills in one go if you can. See also Heron Spawntimer. For information, when Heron is considered a deception, go here.

Remember all the best places for MG, Panzer and mortar. If you have a mortar, you should remember all the angles, so as not to experiment each time searching for the appropriate settings.

Weapons: MP40/Thompson
Skills: first aid kit, raising, adrenaline
Pros: self-treatment, good sucking XP, your team loves you
Cons little ammunition

Medics are the key for each team. Not only treat injuries and improve team, but every medic in the team is a bonus to HP for the rest of the squad. Armed with SMG and full health are effective killers, if you shoot accurately.

Below I created a table showing how the bonuses. Depending on the number of physicians in the team and if you're a medic or not, your HP may be different.

To read the table, note that HP is positioned as 3 numbers. For example, "120-134-151", which means that you have the original 120 HP when you respawn, but you can get up to 134 HP. If you have a sense of level 3 combat, your maximum HP are the 151st
# Medics HP (not medicine) HP (medic)
0 N 100-100-115
1 110-110-125 110-123-140
2 120-120-135 120-134-151
3 + 125-125-140 125-140-156

It should be noted that physicians do not always spawn with the maximum HP only when they have 3 levels of the sense of struggle. So if you are at the beginning of the campaign, and no one has not made a lot of XP, do not bother casting kits spawn at the place - no one needs them. If there are a few colleagues who have a sense of level 3 combat, first aid kit should toss them in the beginning. If you will not do it, 15 points of bonus will be wasted because the respawn with less HP.

Another thing, it is good to have two doctors, because we all get a nice 20-point bonus. You have three, but this only gives an additional 5 HP, as compared with two medics.

Since most teams have more than one doctor, it's good if you try to allocate their cover. You do not want for example, three doctors in one area and the rest of the team somewhere else. If you're trying to defend something and keep certain place, you should determine which medicine shield data space. If you attack, be sure that every storm is on the team, although one doctor.

Being a good medic is mainly being in the right place at the right time. You must closely follow what is going on around you. If your colleagues are trying to carry out the assault, or take the database, run with them! If you do not know where you should go, Look around when you zrespawnujesz around and find someone who can run. Usually, I go along with the engineers or field opsami. Engineers are a good choice, as they are often key to the mission. Field Opsa are great because they can replenish your ammo while you you heal them.

If you support a friend, help him in battle. Do not let it be ruined, and then just run up and pick it up - sometimes there is no time for that. You can be killed if it can pick up and go finish off enemies. Remember that the two guns are better than one.

However, if you support several members of the unit, you should be on the back instead of forward-forward. If you have 3 guns, 4 did not make much difference. You should be living in such a case, because the longer you live, it is still hope for your colleagues. When the medic dies, the rest of the branch dies very quickly.

If there are two doctors, serving a branch, one must fight, and one to keep at the back and increase if necessary.

Medics should constantly scan the squad to know who has the least health. Search for a covert ops! When medics scan of his colleagues, often the first to recognize the disguised enemies (except for 4 opsów field level). If this is so disguised covert in your area, you should be the first to notice it and open fire. Of course, if you play in a clan, it is not so important, because your colleagues will be in one fireteamie and then you see the symbols on their head.

Become a REALLY good at using a compass and a map to know where they are colleagues and that they need help. Read chapters "Basic Interface" and "Descriptions map", to learn how to quickly locate wounded comrades and learn how to read the symbols and marks on the map to quickly figure out where someone is. You must be able to do it quickly, even if you shoot while the three guys spamming medic crying. This takes practice, but knowing how to use a compass effectively makes you a better than 90% of the physicians on the board.

Be busy. If you're not busy, are not doing their job. If you do not have anything to do, go get a piece and see how they are your proteges. Help them by shooting, or if you need to but them. Pay particular attention to their engineers, if you play Allies - if the engineers are killed every time they want to complete a goal, you get nowhere.

If nothing happens, throw it in the medicine cabinet often transited by colleagues or where usually hide. For example, sometimes I'm going to get out of the cave into dangerous territory, I throw a few kits inside the cave, in case if I or someone from the team needed to hide.

Do not forget that the objective is not just a medic increase when someone is killed. You should do what you can to your colleagues at all did not die! No charge through shooting. Note that you have a lot of hit points. If you see someone with a small amount of health or under attack, attack enemy was forced to change the destination for you. If you steal an item, be the first to take it. If you need to escort vehicle, locomotive Railgun or tank or truck, be the first to be escorted him. Especially with adrenaline is a great doctor, "ribbing" bullet for the team.

First-aid kits:
When you begin, have noticed that the kits take a lot of energy bar. Until you reach level 2 first aid (gives it more kits), do not waste kits. Pay close attention to the health of friends and give them first aid kit when you need them. But no other physicians.

When you reach level 2, you'll notice that they often have more kits than you need. Do not wait until they ask you for it. Throw them in places where people often lose HP. This is important because:

* You do not have to chase party members to be healed.
* There are always where you need it.
* If you do not, and some medicine so that everyone will gain first aid skills, and you'll be scratching your head, wondering why no one needs your kits.
* As I mentioned, a large number of first aid kits can help you if you lose the fight - quickly take a few of them and you're back in action.

Sometimes it pays to treat individuals. This becomes less important if you have a level 3 first aid and when you lift the team with kills. Most of the time there are only protection kits like "if I'm not around when you need me, take a few of them."

Try to be treated as a priority. But no mortars, because very rarely receive any injuries.

When you heal someone, stand to the side, so as not to block the line of fire. Be careful not to throw the kits before MG or sniper, they often obscure the view. When you heal, look for signs of the enemy. In the ideal case, the person that you heal should protect you, but often stands and looks at you, so be sure when you do that!

Sometimes treatment can be frustrating people. They may not realize that you want to be healed, so I suggest you press v6 ("I'm a medic!" - "I'm a medic"). You can also shoot the ground next to them several times to get their attention. If you use Ventrilo or TeamSpeak programs, tell them that you want them to heal. If you play at a pub, running on shrubie, use text abbreviations (see section "Scripts and overclocking").

Do not be afraid to use the kits, when you need them. This helps to survive in order to be on time with their co-stars. However, if you are not at risk and do not have critical HP, but friends first, and so have regeneration. (Recovery is an automatic increase in your HP).

Pick up very quickly. Sometimes I've seen stupid doctors who took an eternity wcelowanie syringe in me and we were both handled by Panzer. Remember that the person standing is the most exposed, so do not stop. When you run to the body, remove the syringe, quickly stick it in the wounded, heal if you need it and run.

Do not sacrifice lives to pick up someone, especially if you are in good condition (full of life, a lot of rounds). For example, your friend is hurt, but close to the enemy. You can pick up a friend first, and then fight with the enemy, but you can be killed when you have a syringe on top. It would be terrible, because not only would you have died, but surely, and your friend. The enemy has an advantage over a raised member of the team. Why? Because your enemy is no longer your crosshair on the head of your buddy while he gets up, while your friend can see in any direction.

You can kill the enemy first and then pick up, but your mate can never be healed. It can finish off as they struggle to take you for a long time or you die fighting the enemy.

So it is your choice - you can spare the time, if the injured is critical for the mission. But in general I would advise first fight, then lift.

Another scenario: you are in a safe place, but your friend is not (fire, a lot of enemies, etc.). In this case, do not lift it. Say only V45 ("Sorry") and save his life. As long as the companion is not doing very important work, there is no reason for him to die.

Always check the body in search of grenades. Can there be one set before the guest was killed, or the enemy threw a grenade on the body.

When a friend gets up, is immortal for a few seconds. Use this to your advantage if you're in a small room / area, you can often hide behind a friend and use it as a shield.

If the body is on the stairs, it can be difficult to pick up. You run after him in the back and forth, etc. So rather than miss 5 times a syringe, try to do it the first time. Come close to the body, crouch, slowly and carefully go to the dead and use the syringe. Often crouch while lifting is a good idea, you will not be so pudłował syringe.

Sometimes someone might die on the bridge, but you can not read the map where he is - on the bridge or under it. Try to choose a higher area. If you make a mistake, you can always jump. Otherwise, if you go under the bridge and you made a mistake, it's hard to get to the bridge without nabiegania up. Try to be at a higher level in the beginning to reach out to colleagues faster.

Raise priority. Medics and engineers have priority. Use a compass to know where they are buddies and how far are (the red medic will be greater if the person is close to you).

When you reach level 3 first aid, you will have full awareness, so use more team kills. CT can also be used if you do not have a full raise. Raising with TK, it is very useful if you have someone pick up very quickly, because he must fight or run somewhere with a little healthy, and you do not want to chase him, to treat him. When you raise with a team killa, follow these steps:

* If you have a full raise, kill her with 50 HP.
* If you do not have a full head, killing her with 20 HP.
* Press v6 ("I'm a medic" - "I'm a medic") to warn his colleagues before they kill.
* Come close and I dig them 2-3 shots of SMG.
* Quickly run through the body and stabs the syringe.

These things you should NOT do:

* Do not do TK friend who is very far away - you may finish off!
* Do not do TK knife.
* Do not let your "patient" lost his helmet when you shoot him in the head.
* Do not lift the TK-someone stole the mission objective or an engineer carrying out the important task of disarming the type of dynamite.
* Do not lift the TK-disguised Covert (loses his disguise).
* Do not lift the TK-mortar or MG (must be re-set).

Do not be afraid to raise TK other physicians, often accept help. You should not kill the medics healing.

TK-raising knife is often called a scalpel. Although it saves 2 cartridges, nor recommend it. Very often buddies can not see what you're doing, so they can shoot at you, or finish off immediately after his death, thinking that this covert ops wants to steal their uniforms.

Remember that the TK-raising does not give you XP. (If you complain to the guy you give it-1xP). If you have a low level kits often use to quickly get 2 or 3 level.

The only problem with the TK-raising is that your friend may lose the sense of combat XP (received after surviving for as long as possible). Some people do not like the TK-lifts. Try to save them, when you need someone quickly or you pick up kits. If there is an engineer who sets the faces in the database probably does not need urgent help, so give him as many kits and run to someone else.

You get it all with 4 levels of first aid. For 10 seconds, you get a full stamina (you can run all the time), and the damage is reduced by half. Yes, by half. If you have more than 3 medics on the team and a sense of level 3 combat, the adrenaline you are not 156 HP, but 312 HP. Add to this the ability to heal itself when your belt is renewed, and only a miracle can kill you.

There are so many ways to use adrenaline, so you do list:

* When you steal an item, use it to quickly report it.
* Use it when you see the enemy approaching.
* Use before lifting someone, then you will not be killed. Lifting people is always dangerous - the killer could still be around!
* If your path is blocked by the supporting artillery, use of adrenaline - survive even if you get hit.
* If you are entering dangerous territory (wagered by people or mined), use of adrenaline.
* You can disarm mines with adrenaline (and not go to Jump back!). Great tactic if you have 4 levels of sense of struggle.
* If you want to get somewhere immediately (podłożony dynamite), run until you run out of stamina, you can use the adrenaline rush and the run continued for the next 10 seconds.

Suppose that stole the radar, running away from them and you have a little life. Do not use the adrenaline! Use the kits. If you have low HP, halving the damage a little help, and so will die pretty quickly.

When you rush, you're obviously a complete lifting of level 3. So be sure that you use caution TK-lifts to keep the adrenaline bar, instead of losing it to the pharmacy. Of course, if you're in a very safe place, use kits, because you will not need adrenaline immediately.

Rambo Medic:
A lot of people choose as their medic class, but plays more like a soldier. Medics are great in combat and zostawaniu alive. So they can be good fraggerami. Experienced players with good shooting skills SMG love to do it. You'll notice that in many clans and some pubs, where they play experienced players. Being a medic Rambo mainly consists of shooting, so it can help to enlarge the skill.

Sometimes people get angry at you when you play Rambo medic, and they are waiting for their pick. Personally, I think if you're a good shot, it's okay to be Rambo medic. If you can be the best Fragger on the team, who cares if you kill Panzer or SMG? Continue to help the team as a medic killed. If you can not earn a lot of kills, you should be more or Panzer opsem field. Or just be a "good" medic.

You should do everything to help the team. You do not want to run around and monitor whether they are all inches, which out of the way, but if someone is nearby, pick it up or give him first aid kit. You can be effective running hand in hand with another friend instead of alone. For example, an engineer can be a security guard. You can still kill a lot as an engineer runs often in danger, and if necessary, you will be able to pick it up.

Sucking XP:
Medics are the best class to suck XP. You can gain first aid apteczkami. Combat Reflexes is easy to come by, since the doctor is still alive the longest. You can also get light weapons fairly quickly if you follow colleagues and help them in battle.

Good call:
Medic + Medic: if you die, you can pick up a colleague and vice versa.
Medic + FdOps: you give first aid kits, on ammunition.
Medic + Engineer: help him accomplish the purpose of the mission.
Medic + Cvops: if he wants to search the database, you can escort him.

Weapons: M1 Garand, K43 rifle, grenades
Skills: building, dynamite, mines, disarming
Pros: Lots of explosive ammunition for the mission critical
Cons: hard to play, not too good at sucking XP

Engineers are the most important class, if you attack. Each map requires planting dynamite in a certain place and often remedy of an object such as a tank truck. One of the common mistakes that make the team (especially in pubs) is a small number of engineers. Even in defense, should always be present if necessary disarmament of dynamite or build shields / barriers.
If you are an engineer, focus on proper things at the moment. Do not go blowing up things that the team does not need at the moment. Be busy all the time! For example, the Battery, do not wait by the back door for someone in disguise, if the front can not afford to build a ramp. If you do not have anything to do, put the mines or go and support colleagues in the fight, etc.

Engineers are not the best in the fight, but you also have to learn to defend himself. You can not just go and dub dynamite and expect that no one will stand in your path. You can not expect a team that we all fall dead enemies in your way. The team is doing everything in its power to protect you, but the whole time you're in danger. In other words, if you're going to end and there is 6 guests, you will not be able to get through. It's your team's fault that it cleaned the site for you. If he was there 1 or 2 enemies, your task is to finish them off.

Learn how to use a grenade launcher. Not only does it give you experience in inżynierce (SMG gives only light weapons), but is also pretty good in the right hands. You can use them for the purposes for which the SMG can only dream of, such as high shot killing enemies out of sight, killing multiple enemies at a time, cleaning the tunnel or a small room, etc.. If you're going to plant dynamite, you may prefer to SMG. Shooting grenades takes some energy bar. You DO NOT want to run all the way to the goal of the mission, take out the dynamite and wait until the energy bar is full.

Try to take each other physicians. If you have a medic on the tail, it can lift you when you're dead. If doctors do not, follow the one medic. It will then close if necessary!

After repairing the tank, get someone else to escort him when you are at a safe distance schronisz. Let someone else be cannon fodder. If you die while escorting a tank, it will suck, because your team has to wait until the zrespawnuesz and you move your butt to repair. It's hard to be an engineer. We should not expect from him, and that the repair tanks will still be escorted by the storm of grenades, missiles, bombs, when everyone is busy with something else.

Building / repair:
There are actually four things that you need to worry about:
1) Command Points (CP)
2) Plug-MG
3) Tanks, trucks
4) The objectives of the mission (bridges, work, etc.).

Pay attention to the points of command and MG nest when they are destroyed. They help the team and are often forgotten by people. Do not let them be to divert attention. Some covert Opsa constantly blow your command post to divert your attention and kill you when you want to rebuild it. If it happens once or twice, go and fix it, but otherwise focus on the mission.

When you build or repair, make sure that the wheel will turn your ass people trying to kill you. If the primer dynamite, crawl arming it. Repairing a tank, run around it. When mines are spread around the tank, jump on it and fix it. This is useful for Goldrush, here you have some pictures showing what I mean:

The first image jumped to the side and crouched tank. The other two pictures are done for fun - shows what I did after wskoczeniu tank aside, lay down. In the middle picture you can see a strange error when my head is hidden in the tank (!).

When you want to build something needed to win the map, keep going forward. For example, when you repair a tank on Goldrush, build a bridge or a ramp to Fueldump assault on Battery, you should run them like crazy and repair. Even if it is near the artillery barrage, run and finish the job. Often die before they're done, but it's OK. If another engineer on your team can get there quickly, you will probably be able to finish the job begun by you. In this case, you do not have time to wait for the right moment - the longer you do not build your team does not happen anywhere. So keep in mind that even if each engineer will perform only 1/3 of work, sometimes it will sum up.

This is one reason why it is good to sometimes have several engineers on the map. If you have 5 engineers Fueldump, it does not matter if there was a fire - the bridge will still be built sooner or later, because every engineer adds his work to others.

Planting dynamite:
Planting dynamite podłożeniu is the greatest quantities and defending them as long as possible. This second part is important - because podłożony dynamite is easy to disarmament, which does not help. Here are a few tips to bring your dynamite to explode:

* Know the right spots on the dynamite (Read the section "Strategy Map").
* Connect with friends, will be able to help you throw grenades to dynamite, distract enemies, kill, engineers, etc.
* Throw the dynamite or grenades in the place where engineers come.
* When podłożysz, find shelter in the area. Often an engineer disarm dynamite flies and you do not notice, you can then quickly settle before gets a chance.
* If the primer a few dynamites, the first substrates, which is difficult to reach the. Usually easier to disarm disable this so often wrong.
* If you blow a barrier, do not put more than enough dynamite. If you see a ticking time bomb already at the barrier, focus on the defense rather than put new dynamite. If podłożysz unnecessary dynamite, you can kill your buddies.
* Get 3 level engineer increases the speed in podkładaniu dynamites - useful for planting several bombs.

A good habit is to inform the team how long the dynamite explodes. Check the current time and countdown of the 30 seconds.

Here are tips on how to find new places for "trickplantów":

1) There must be a line between the visibility of dynamite, and the subject ... ie dynamite should be to "see" the structure.
2) The structure must be in the destruction of dynamite.

Planting min:
It is important to lay mines, respectively, as the team has only 10 So do not waste them. See section on places underlay minutes to see which areas are best suited for this.

You have to interact with other engineers. Minuj not the boor - annoying is how someone uses all the mines in the wrong places (there is no help for it: p). Be careful not to place the minutes where your colleagues are often (in the middle of some site or at the door), because one can not enter into the case. Buddies should act with caution, but it is easy to forget in the fight against mines. Anyone can run back during the shooting and unlock one.

Never disarming min colleague. Usually get angry when you do it. Sometimes it is useful to disarm their own mines and position them elsewhere. Why? Because if a face no one came, he could be spotted by covert Opsa. Just disarm it and plant in another place, it will be invisible to the enemy again.

When you hear "Dynamite planted", try to remember a time when it happened. When you go into the ticking dynamite:

* If you have a lot of time, let buddies to clear the area for you.
* If the remaining 10 or fewer seconds, quickly search the area and kill the engineer, if you are still there. Then disarming.

Przybiegnij cocked it with a grenade and throw it on luck. This works especially Oasis, since the facilities of the departments are very small. So if you are sitting there an engineer, quickly throw a grenade, which probably will do it, or at least greatly hurt. Look at a map before you throw a grenade! If you are in the middle of the pals, of course, do not throw.

Can help binding the text "Which I first disarm the dynamite?". Because if you tick two dynamites, will be an opportunity to be able to disarm them in the correct order. If you play in a clan, it is much easier because people can prompt you through voice chat.

Engineers can also disarm the radio static!

Sometimes it can be useful. Another way to trick the cargo is quickly goes after them to covert detonated them when you're not far off.

Sucking XP:
Engineers are not good at sucking XP. The main reason is that most of the objects is usually built once and rarely destroyed. However, first aid kit medic can throw forever. It would be good if the enemy is still destroying our structures. For example, the tank is still destroyed, so you can still fix it. At the Battery, Axis destroy the ramp all the time, and you all the time you fix it.

Instead of building stuff like that, the best way to get a lot of XP is to kill the grenade launcher. Note that if you use your gun (without loaded grenades), you do not get points for the engineer, but for light weapons. But after inserting the grenade, the enemy killed you gain 3 XP for engineering skills.

If you have a sense of fighting level 4, you can disarm mines around. It is easy to obtain in this way a little bit XP.

Good call:
Engineer + CvOps: cvops gets uniform and allows the engineer to get to the enemy base and plant the dynamite there.
Engineer + Medic: they all want to kill a poor engineer, a doctor can really help.
Field ops

Weapons: MP40/Thompson
Skills: packages of ammunition, artillery support, air raid.
Pros: a lot of kills, you do not need him ammunition, sucking XP, gives ammunition team
Cons: Must sit down to choose between air raids and giving ammunition

Good field ops can give the team a big advantage. Distribution of ammunition is very important - your friends do not need to lose battles to win the only possible due to lack of ammunition. Raids and artillery usually devastate the enemy team.
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Re: Information for each Class

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I'm not much of a reader but I have a feeling, if I did read all that it'd be amazing :)

Good Job :up:

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Re: Information for each Class

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Smells like copy and paste.
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