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Trickjumping, jumping, TJ, is a kind of trained jumping through which the player moves faster and jumps into seemingly inaccessible places. It is still not appreciated, and often inspires admiration and amazement. Often referred to as the game is not fair, and even fraud. For more matches are not used to circumvent TJ facilities necessary to continue our example, the wall jump, etc. In publikach oasis, you can do one of TJ and would rather not be punished for it, the ability to trickjump'ów often indicates high skill'u player. Therefore, we should learn and be able to trickjump'y even if we do not use in matches. The use of trickjump'ów in the fight is difficult, but not feasible. Trickjump'y also useful to quickly move around the map, quickly reaching a goal near the end of the map. It is easier to catch the opponent or escape it. Trickjump'ów knowledge opens the way to places not where we pokampić opponent. Trickjump'y enable faster when we finish our noob'ów the team.

Second Cfg Napoczątek

In his cfg set:
pmove_fixed set "1"
cl_maxpackets set "100"
cg_fov set "106"

3.FPS 's

When performing even the simplest trickjump'ów, FPS has much value to us is easy. Depending on what equipment we have, we try to strive for constant FPS values ​​(43, 76, 125, 333). When we reach the constant 76 fps performance of some trickjump'ów will be difficult or even impossible. Although there are those that at 43 or cope well:>.
And here's a little script so that we can change fps'y
/ / Fps toggle
set fps43 "com_maxfps 43; echo ^ h ^ ~ ^ 9F 7PS ^ 0> ^ 343 ^ h *, set vstr fpst fps76"
set fps76 "com_maxfps 76; echo ^ h ^ ~ ^ 9F 7PS ^ 0> ^ 376 ^ h *, set vstr fpst fps92"
set fps92 "com_maxfps 92; echo ^ h ^ ~ ^ 9F 7PS ^ 0> ^ 392 ^ h *, set vstr fpst fps125"
set fps125 "com_maxfps 125; echo ^ h ^ ~ ^ 9F 7PS ^ 0> ^ 3125 ^ h *, set vstr fpst fps333"
set fps333 "com_maxfps 333; echo ^ h ^ ~ ^ 9F 7PS ^ 0> ^ 3333 ^ h *, set vstr fpst fps43"
set fpst "vstr fps43"
bind y "vstr fps :lol: :lol:
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