Cutting Live Demos with Media Manager Tool (ET Movie)

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Cutting Live Demos with Media Manager Tool (ET Movie)

Postby Amber » Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:44 pm

Some people want to cut live demos of frags and make ET movies this is how and what you need to do so.

We're gonna use and advanced tool called Media Manager 3.0 which has a lot of features to simplify scanning your demos, so you won't spend much time on it, media manager allows you to see each map sprees in a defined time interval from 0 seconds to 1 min which is enough.

So I'm gonna try to show you how to use the basic stuff.
First of all all do you need is Media manager and your ET game installed. You can download MM from here

Install it, open media manager and you'll see an screen like this one.

All you have to do on the first place is configure your ET installation where you want to preview your sprees:
Click on Game Settings > Enemy Territory and Find your ET.exe then click OK.


Now click one demo and click Obituaries but make sure that the Player box has your name on it and you'll see your Killing sprees if there's any on the demo, you can change settings like min frags max seconds etc on that screen too that's not a big deal. To preview an spree simply double click the desired one.


Note: Media manager will make another copy of your demo containing only the specific frags part the new demo will be located at etpro/ultraviolet.


So if you're going to check multiple demos make sure to delete the ones that you don't need cause you'll get confused with the Labels.

That's basically how media manager 3.0 works and the easiest to cut frag demos.

NOTE: This works with etpro , etpub and jaymod and not sure about silent!
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