How to run Multiple ET Users on One PC

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How to run Multiple ET Users on One PC

Postby Amber » Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:52 pm

How to run Multiple ET Users on One PC With different Guid's for each!

To run multiple ET gamers from one computer:

This is possible however to do it you need multiple ET installations and separate ET guids for each install. The steps are the following:

First install normally, will install on a window machine to the default folder
C:/program files/wolfenstien-Enemy Territory

For the second installation you can install it to a folder of your creation in C:/program files. For example: C:/program files/ET
To do this, run the install again and when you get to this screen:


At this screen you want to click browse.
It will open this screen:


Click OK and then click “next” until this screen:


If the “Installation Directory” shows the proper folder just click “Install” and you are all set. If not you need to click “back” until you come to the first screen we talked about and start again.

After your successful install, you will need to go to and get your guild.
The tutorial for this is posted as well. You will need a guid to save experience level.

You can install as many copies as you need, in this way you can give each person using your computer their own account. I recommend making an ET.exe shortcut on your desktop for each player with his or her name in the shortcut description.
IE: shortcut to Roy’s ET, that way there is no confusion about who’s ET you are using.
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