Your Admin Role

Your Admin Role

Postby #ET|Admin| » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:39 pm

Here is a little tutorial to help you how to use your admin level & commands in the best way.

You are level 400 - Moderator.

Higher admins trust in you more and more. You are active on servers and you help the Clan with your actions.

You can now !setlevel to level 200 - Junior Member.

You have now some new commands, server and teams commands. You need to know WHEN and HOW to use them!

  1. Rename
    1. When? You can rename somebody when he is using a name like H!tler, Mussolini or other guys like that. You can also rename somebody if he has problems with his colors and if he asks you. If a member level 100 - Member doesn't wear the good colors, you can rename him/her.
    2. How? It's easy to use. You have to write the command, next to it, put the player name. Finally, write his new name.
      You should write that : !rename [Old Name][New Name]

      Here is an exemple : !rename Straw #ET|Straw|EJ
  2. Shuffle

    1. When? Shuffle is a command which change players team. You can use this command if the team are UNFAIR. Before you have to use this command, tell the players to go in other teams so they are more fair.
      Warn 2, 3 or 4 times and if nobody moves, then you can do this command.
      You can also use this command during the warmup or at the end of a game.
    2. How? You just have to write the name of the command. !shuffle
  3. Swap

    1. When? This command changes teams. Allies go to axis and axis go to allies. It's useful during a tournament or trainings. You won't have to use this command in a normal game.
    2. How? Same as shuffle, just write the command : !swap
  4. Restart & Reset

    1. When? The command restart, restarts the game. It means that if you restart at the end of a game, everybody who earned XP during this game will lose it. It's almost same for reset.
    2. How? As easy and fast as shuffle & swap, you just have to write the command : !restart or !reset

Higher admins trust in you and need your help. As you are recruiter, you may now reply to a Joining Request or a Request Level 40.

  1. Ban & Ban Permanent (for L2 moderators)
    1. When? Ban should be the command you wouldn't have to use. This command bans a player ONLINE (different to banuser which ban players OFFLINE).
      You can ban somebody if the player uses AIMBOT & WALLHACK. Advertising for other ips or Clan site can end with a permanent ban. But a ban is NOT always permanent. There can be some situations where a ban is needed for 1 day or 1 week or 1 month.
      For exemple, in TrickJump server, after putteams and kick, a player keep killing and going allies. A ban 1 day (at least) will be needed.
      Same for WallJump in Frag servers. If somebody keep WallJumping after kicks & splats, you can ban him 1 day.
      Before to ban, if there are other admins on server, tell them the situation and ask them for duration.
    2. How? This command is harder to use but nothing hard... You just need to write the command !ban with the player name or slot, the duration if it is not permanent and the reason. The reason, as kick, must be CLEAR.
      For exemple, Straw keep killing and I have permission to ban him for 10 days.
      Here is what I should write : !ban Straw 10d Keep killing in TrickJump server after many warns & kicks. The duration is 10d. Why? Because d is 1st letter of day.
      • Seconds : [time] & s or nothing.
      • Days : [time] & d
      • Months : [time] & m
      • Years : [time] & y
      • Permanently : Nothing! Just put the name and the reason. No duration needed.
  2. Setlevel
    1. When? You can setlevel to level 200 (L1 mod)- 400(l2 mod) maximum. Means you can setlevel to level 0, 10, 40, 50, 99, 100 and 200-400. Level 100, this level is for members. If you replyed to a joining request, and the futur member did everythings needed, you can now set him on forum and in game. Click here to know how to set on forum!
      Now for promotion to level 200. You have the right to setlevel a MEMBER to level 150. This level is for members and only members who are active and who don't break rules. When you promoted somebody, add him to your list! Click here for the list!
      If there are other admins in game, ask them if they agree for the promotion.
      Now for promote a VISITOR to level 10 on game. Visitors can be promoted to our friend level (level 10) if they are actives and are friendly, respects other players, etc...
      For setlevel somebody to level 40 on TrickJump server, they must post in the request for level 40 sub forum.
    2. How? This command is easy to use! !setlevel [name] [level].
      For exemple, I think Straw deserves a promotion to level 150, I will do !setlevel Straw 200
  3. Finger

    1. When? This command show the player IP, GUID, MAC, ID, Level and more.
      Use this command before ban or setlevel a player. If the GUID and ID is 0000000000000000000000, the player's punkbuster is disable. Ask him to enable it (/pb_cl_enable & /reconnect in console).
      If you want to check in banlist, if a player using the same IP is already banned.
    2. How? YOu just need to write !finger with a name. !finger Straw
  4. Silent Commands (for L2 moderators)

      You can now use silent commands. Silent command is made to HIDE when you use a command like !listplayers or !banlist or other commands. You can use normal commands for kick or ban (can be mute also)
      To use silent command, just add / before the command. Exemple : in console -> /!listplayers
      Then you will see the same thing as normal command, but nobody can see it.
      To bind it, it's easier. For throw : /bind [key] !throw straw 5000
      Yes, the "say_buddy" is not needed anymore! No spam when high admin are in spec! :lool:

  1. Mute & Unmute
    1. When? Use this command if somebody on server is disrespecting an admin or a visitor! It is same for other admin. It's not because you are higher admin you can disrecpect others because of your "power". Respect everybody as they must respect you!
      Also if somebody is spamming, you may mute him AFTER "warns". Ask him/her to stop spamming, because it annoys players.
      For unmute, the mutes are ONLY 2 minutes. So you wouldn't have to use !unmute. If you think somebody insulted but it wasn't a hard one, you may unmute him ONLY if you muted him. If you didn't muted him and want to unmute him, ask the admin who did.
    2. How? It is easy to use! You just have to write !mute with the name or the player's slot. For exemple : !mute Straw or !mute 2 (2 if I am at the 2nd slot)
      Same for unmute but replace !mute by !unmute
  2. Kick
    1. When? To use this command you need to warn AT LEAST 5 times (Less if it's a big mistakes).
      For exemple, if somebody insulted many times and after many mutes, you can kick him. The kick duration is 2 minutes.
      In frag servers (NoDownload or FragZone), walljump is NOT allowed. If you see somebody walljumping, warn him, as I said at least 5 times. You may also you splat (Look next command)
      In TrickJump server, use kick if people keep killing after warns. If people keep throwing in objective maps even after warns or mistakes (Still 5 warns with splat).
      In general, IGNORING is also NOT allowed. If you ask a player to do something (bind throw in TJ) and he doesn't listen to you. You can mute him 1st and after few mutes, a kick will be needed to tell him/her (s)he is doing something bad.
    2. How? Kick is used as mute BUT you need to add a reason! Reason must be CLEAR. If a kick reason looks like "stop that", the player kicked wont UNDERSTAND and may CONTINUE abusing.

      For exemple, if somebody keep killing after splat, putteam and warns, then the reason should look like to "Killing is NOT allowed in TrickJump server. I already told & warned you many times."
  3. Splat
    1. When? Splat is a command which kill a player. Use it if people throw in objective map for TrickJump and WallJump in FragZone or NoDownload.
      You can also use it if somebody keep airstiking and you asked him to stop because it does SpawnKill + anti gaming.
    2. How It's as easy as !mute : !splat name or slot.
  4. Putteam
    1. When? This command moves a player from a team to an other team or moves the player to spectator.
      This command is very helpful in TrickJump as in Frag!

      In frag, you can move players if teams are unfair. If it's real player, ask them to make fair teams. If nobody moves, put any player to the other team.
      Also if players are INACTIVE on game (AFK), you may putteam him to spectator.

      In TrickJump, this command is mostly use for killers. When there are killers, put them to the main used team. (mostly Axis (r) ).
    2. How? This command is a bit harder to use because you need to know the teams letters.
      • Axis : r
      • Allies : b
      • Spectator : s

      Here is an exemple : !putteam Straw r

      But don't only do the command. Explain WHY you putted him/her in an other team.

Here is also an other "tuto" I made for commands, to show what commands does and how to use them. You should take a look to learn! Click here for the tuto!

If you need any help about command or you need more explanation, just send me a PM and I will reply you as soon as possible!

Update coming soon for all other levels

Thanks & regards, Sieta.
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Re: Your Admin Role

Postby AwAsome » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:02 pm

I would like to hear something about Owners ;P but anyway good tut sieta ;P
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Re: Your Admin Role

Postby Straw » Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:16 am

I'm in holidays and I'm busy with the servers, as soon as everything is fine running blah blah, I'll work on it for Server Admins, Clan Admins, Gold Admins and Owners.

-Sieta :rose:
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Re: Your Admin Role

Postby alibi9080 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:56 pm

Hi straw my name is Alibi I was actually wondering about the et key for wolfenstein. I downloaded it...its supposed to be a really long number right? I read that you said to put it in the etmain but i dont know where that is..everytime i go to play says invalid GUID..can you help me please? thank you.
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Re: Your Admin Role

Postby MaTT » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:05 am

Hello alibi9080,

I see you have problems with your ETkey and GUID in Wolfenstein. Please follow this guide closely and it will help you. :)

With regards,
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Re: Your Admin Role

Postby Ziltoid » Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:17 pm

Hmm.. Shouldn't this topic be updated/removed? It's really outdated since the new admin system.



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Re: Your Admin Role

Postby Wīñd » Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:03 pm

i udpated it a bit , i am working on another for ALL leveles

Recruiting is the best way to help a clan :rose:



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