Great Minecraft server features!

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Great Minecraft server features!

Postby MaTT » Mon May 06, 2013 1:23 pm

Hello everyone,

As you know, we are still preparing the Minecraft server for you all. I also know you are excited about it.
Sorry for the amount of time we are taking, but we do have the inevitable problem or two. Right now, it's donations. We aren't getting any and so we cannot afford to continue. However, development is still on-going and I am now going to give you reason to be even more excited about the release.

Multi-World Survival

Just the normal Minecraft survival goals, accept with 3 different worlds! More to explore, More to find, and More to see!

multiworld_ss.png (2.79 MiB) Viewed 1857 times

Skylands Survival

This is where Minecraft survival is no longer normal. The Skylands is a world without an infinite ground. Floating islands are everywhere with different biomes. The extra challenge here is to not fall into the dark void below.
Member Only World!

skylands_ss.png (1.33 MiB) Viewed 1857 times

Endless Dungeons Challenge

Here is where you can put your Minecraft battle skills to the ultimate test. A place where the whole world is an infinite dungeon full of Monsters, spawners, pits, lava, fire and the pitch dark. Featuring Seven Endless floors with holes and monster spawners around every corner. Randomly-generated structures and chest with common to extremely rare loot such as Diamond Armour and Tools, Enchanted books and Emeralds.
The monster spawners that are randomly situated around the dungeons can spawn Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Zombie Pigmen, Endermen, Magma Cubes, Silverfish, and even Wither Skeletons! This infinite and dangerous maze is the perfect challenge for anyone!
Member Only World!

dungeons_ss.png (2.24 MiB) Viewed 1857 times

New Crafting Recipes

That's right! Ever thought that some items are too hard to get? Such as slime balls? Ever wanted items that you can't craft? Such as Chain Armour? Well the ETernal Clan Minecraft server has many new crafting recipes! See the full list here!

So you know, i've removed the crafting of heads since Mobs and players now have a chance to drop the heads. A player has an 80% chance of dropping a head WITH THEIR OWN MINECRAFT SKIN on it. Mobs have a 0.1% chance to drop their respective heads. If you wish, Members have the ability to rename heads with the /playerheads rename [name] command when you're holding the head in your hand. When you rename it to another player's name, it will show their skin on it!

Flat-land Creative World

The normal creative mode in Minecraft with the availability of a flatland world with creative mode. Let's see what you can build!
Member Only World!

creative_ss.png (431 KiB) Viewed 1857 times

What happens when you die?

A big annoyance when you die is loosing all your stuff and XP. Someone might even come along and take all your stuff and the XP you dropped, or it all fell into lava and burnt like a crisp. You're never seeing any of it again! Well not in the ETernal Clan Minecraft server! When you die, you don't drop anything (accept your player head if another player killed you and some XP) and you re-spawn safely at the spawn or at your bed with all your XP and things still in your inventory! How great it that?
Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: Great Minecraft server features!

Postby Wīñd » Mon May 06, 2013 5:19 pm

Thats cool but i have not understand all XD i need to impove my english !!

Recruiting is the best way to help a clan :rose:



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Re: Great Minecraft server features!

Postby JaneX » Tue May 07, 2013 6:14 pm

That server will be the best!! :D Well... ofc! Every thing in ET clan is the best :up: :up:
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