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Re: Straw.

Postby FuRious » Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:10 pm

Faucon wrote:
FuRious wrote:Sorry ? Did you never lied to me ?

Yea, because you don't wanted to tell me who banned my forum account. If you don't trust me to tell me who banned me, why i would told you the true here? I always told you the true in 5 years, but when i feel betrayed, don't ask me to be the same person.

Ok, so you lied..

Faucon wrote:But Straw and FuRious, don't ask me to apologies, because after 5 years of adventure, and "friendship", I think you acted like shit on me.

At first i was away of this issue because was afk and I didn't know what's happened. So don't tell me I acted like a shit.
Now , looking at how you reacted and what ton of bullshit you did at the end, you can't tell that it's not deserved huh ?

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Re: Straw.

Postby Faucon » Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:16 pm

Straw wrote:You started to be unpredictable and after the YT Channel deletion + all the trolls, we did what felt best for the Clan. You tried to use RCON so if you deleted the YT Channel what would have you done to the servers ?

You'd have acted the same way if someone did that.

I deleted Youtube channel long time after you change every permissions. You didn't changed permissions after i delete the Youtube channel, that's not the same thing. As i said, I had rcon the whole day, and I didn't do anything with it. And if i remember well, that was after i discover that Matt delete me every ACP permissions on forum, I visited the server and test the rcon command, and that's why after i said what Matt posted.

So what? You banned me on assumption that I wanted delete everything? or because I posted dogs pics on Ziltoid's rejoin topic?

Re: Straw.

Postby Straw » Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:23 pm

Once again, we banned you because you censored a member, you deleted our YT Channel, you insulted most of us and you've been disrespectful in general towards almost all of us, you've been trolling us and the 3 guys rejoining by posting dog pics (which I deleted to save you at first but since you throw rocks at me, why the hell should I try to help you anymore ? )... Should I continue ?

Now I ask you WHY are you still here if you're happy OUT of the Clan ?
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Re: Straw.

Postby Faucon » Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:28 pm

But who is most of us? You and Fenrir? And about Jar this is solved, we had a conversation. But who did i insulted or disrespected? And why banned me in server? Did i insulted someone in public? Did you have any screenshot or anything? Everything was private conversation, and even Fenrir insulted me in private chatbox, so do i deserve to be banned for that?


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